Lincoln Impinger I 1400 Series - Electric Conveyor Oven - 32" Wide Belt, 40" Cooking Chamber

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The Lincoln Impinger 1400 series is a stainless steel conveyor oven that uses "FastBake" technology to reduce cooktime by 35%. Its top, front, and sides are constructed of stainless steel, and its power type is electric.

The conveyor for the Impinger 1400 series is 32" wide and 73" long. It has a door via which the product can be loaded or removed from the side. It has digital controls, options for a one to thirty minute cook, and the conveyor is reversible. Lincoln is a Welbilt brand and considered a leader in the food service industry. It is also made in Canada.

The Lincoln Impinger 1400 series and the Lincoln Impinger 1100 series are different in that the 1400 series has a 40" cooking chamber and the 1100 series has a 20" cooking chamber. The 1400 series is stackable two high, whereas the 1100 series is stackable three high. Lastly, the temperature range is slightly different, as the 1400 series has a temperature range of 127°C to 316° Celsius, and the 1100 series has a temperature range of 121°C to 302°C.

      • Made in Canada
      • Electric
      • 32" wide conveyor; 73" long
      • Digital controls
      • Side door for loading and removal
      • 1 to 30 minute cook time
      • Temperature range of 127° to 316° Celsius


Model 1452-000-U, 1453-000-U
Brand Lincoln
Dimensions (WDH) 78" x 58" x 52"
Conveyor Dimensions (WL) 32" x 73
Electrical 120v, 240v / 60Hz / 1 phase


One year limited parts and labour warranty.