Lincoln Impinger II 1100 Series - Electric Conveyor Oven - 18" Wide Belt, 28" Cooking Chamber

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The Lincoln Impinger II series comes in a variety of conveyor lengths, cooking chamber capacities, and power types. This model has an 18" wide belt and a 28" cooking chamber. This model is electric and can be configured for different voltages and phases.

Conveyors for the Lincoln Impinger II conveyor oven have a one to thirty minute cook time, and the conveyors are fully reversible. They have sleek, easy-to-use digital controls with a single on/off switch. The ovens are made of stainless steel, and they're stackable up to three high.

Lastly, the Lincoln Impinger II series brings a unique "FastBake" airflow technology to conveyor ovens that makes them 30% faster at cooking pizza than other ovens. With it, gum lines are eliminated and vegetable toppings are hot and crisp without leaking extra water on the cheese. The result is each pizza coming out perfectly baked with little to no variation.

      • Made in Canada
      • Available in 208 or 240 volts; 1 or 3 phase
      • 18" wide belt and 28" cooking chamber
      • 30 minute cook time
      • Fully reversible conveyor
      • Digital controls with a single on/off switch
      • Stackable up to three high
      • 30% quicker at cooking pizza than an average conveyor oven


Model 1130-000-U, 1131-000-U, 1132-000-U, 1133-000-U
Brand Lincoln
Conveyor Width 18" 
Cooking Chamber 28" wide
Dimensions (WDH) 56" x 39" x 42"
Electrical 208v, 240v / 60Hz / 1 phase, 3 phase


One year limited parts and labour warranty.