Moyer Diebel 383HT - High Temperature Undercounter Dishwasher - 208-240v

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The Moyer Diebel 383HT is a high temperature undercounter dishwasher with a built-in booster heater, that can clean up to 30 racks of dishes every hour. This is an Energy Star qualified machine, which means saving the environment and saving money on your energy bill. It has a 14.5" clearance for dishes.

Some features include a digital temperature readout and cycle progress indicators, solid state controls, and an automatic pumped drain. It also has an auto-clean feature to clean the chamber when you shut the dishwasher down, and it has a drain sentry which monitors and ensures proper draining of the machine. Moyer Diebel is considered a leader in dishwashing equipment: they build dishwashers with high quality parts, intelligent design, and modern styling.

      • Smart Display – digital temperature readouts and cycle progress indicators to simplify daily operation
      • Solid state controls
      • Automatic Pumped Drain no stand pipe
      • Auto Clean washes chamber at shutdown
      • Advanced Service Diagnostics
      • Fill Sentry – monitors incoming water pressure to ensure proper fill level and rinse performance
      • Drain Sentry – monitors and ensures proper draining of machine
      • Rinse Sentry – ensures proper 180°F final rinse temperature
      • ENERGY STAR Qualified
      • NSF approved
      • Made in Canada


    Model 383HT
    Dimensions (WDH) 24" x 25" x 33.5"
    Weight 148 lb
    Capacity 30 racks per hour
    Dish Clearance 14.5"
    Motor 1 HP
    Water Consumption 0.84 gallons per rack (total 20.1 gallons per hour)
    Wash Temperature Minimum 150/66°F
    Rinse Temperature Minimum 180/82°F
    Tank heat 2 kW
    Electric booster 4/6 kW


    One year parts and labour warranty.