Norbec - 10' x 10' Walk In Freezer with Top Mounted Refrigeration

This Norbec 10' x 10' walk in freezer comes with a top mounted "penthouse" refrigeration unit, which you are able to install yourself -- so you could avoid the expensive installation of a refrigeration technician. However, for warranty reasons, you do need to have a refrigeration technician come in to inspect your installation, but this usually only takes a short time, so the cost will be minimal.

Norbec specializes in walk in freezers, so they really know what they're doing. This freezer has thick 4" panels with galvanized 26 gauge steel, so you won't be getting any humidity or mold in your freezer. Plus it is very durable, which will avoid scratches and dents.

The door hinges are self closing, which can overcome air resistance on heavy walk-in doors. And it includes a 2" dial thermometer to give you a clear reading of the temperature.

This walk in freezer has a heated vent, which will reduce the air pressure inside the freezer, so that the door can open and close with ease -- they've really thought of everything!

This freezer has a 10.5' external height. And it is recommended that you leave at least 3' between the top of the unit and your ceiling. If you don't have that, remote refrigeration is available.

      • 10 feet deep x 10 feet wide exterior
      • 4" panels made of galvanized 26 gauge steel
      • Includes a floor
      • 9' 4" deep x 9' 4" wide interior
      • Exterior height of 10.5'
      • Door dimensions are 36" x 78"
      • The position of the door is interchangeable, right or left opening.
      • Air-cooled condensing unit for indoor installation.
      • 1 phase or 3 phase available
      • Best seller, easy to install
      • Penthouse refrigeration maximizes interior storage space


This is a special order item and will require a 16 week lead time.


Two years parts, one year labour warranty. Five year warranty on refrigeration.