Nu-Vu PRO-8 - Insulated Proofer Cabinet - 8 Full-Size Pans

  • CAD Regular price $8,534.00

The Nu-Vu PRO-8 proofer cabinet can be placed on the countertop or floor. It is 39.75" high, 24.25" wide, and 34.6" deep. It can hold up to 8 full-size pans or up to 16 half-size pans. It's a fully-insulated proofer with a stainless steel exterior and a tempered glass door for a full view of your products.

      • Manual fill water pan provides humidity
      • Fan moves heat and humidity evenly
      • Capacity of 8 full-size pans, or 16 half-size pans
      • Stainless steel exterior
      • Aluminum interior
      • Set of 4" adjustable legs
      • Full view tempered glass door
      • Silicone rubber door gasket
      • Manual fill water pan


Model PRO-8
Dimensions (HWD) 39.75" x 24.25" x 34.6"
Capacity 8 full-size pans (16 half-size)
Shelf Spacing 3.3"
Temperature Up to 110° Fahrenheit
Volts 120
Phase 1


Two year parts, one year labour warranty.