Omcan CM-CN-0010 - Coffee Percolator - 10 Litres

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These Stainless Steel coffee urns are ideal for banquet halls, caterers, hotels, and restaurants. The percolator design consistently produces hot quality coffee time and time again. Easy to clean. These stainless steel units provide an elegant alternative to aluminium.


Model: CM-CN-0010
Watts: 1520W / 200W
Minimum Quantity: 5 QT
Time required to make Max. Quantity: 38 minutes approx.
Cup Capacity: 70 Cups (5 oz. Cups)
Capacity Per Hour: 15 QT approx.
Volume: 10 QT/ 10 L/ 2.5 GAL
Electrical: 110V/60/1
Weight: 10 lb
Packaging Weight: 11 lb
Dimensions: 10.25" Diameter x 18.42" High
Packaging Dimensions: 14" x 14" x 19"
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