Omcan FP-ES-0015-T - 15.8 Qt. Bowl Cutter

  • CAD Regular price $14,711.00

The Omcan FP-ES-0015 is a 15.8 quart bowl cutter (sometimes known as a buffalo chopper) that has one 3-knife head, a powerful 2.7 horsepower motor, with two speeds (the bowl has two speeds, and the knife has two speeds).

This type of bowl cutting produces as much as 15% higher finished product yield. Bowl cutting also allows the use of up to 30% more water and results in less shrinking. This machine comes standard with an anti-noise lid, a digital thermometer, and an all stainless steel construction. It has 220v power and is standard 3 phase. If you'd like to order the unit in 1 phase, that is possible, but it will cost more.

      • 1 set of blades included
      • 2 bowl speeds - 22/45 RPM
      • 2 knife speeds - 1700/3400 RPM
      • 2.7 horsepower motor
      • 15.8 quart capacity
      • Optional 6-knife blade
      • Standard 3 phase, optional 1 phase
      • Suited for the chopping and emulsification of meats and vegetables


Item number 19256
Bowl volume 15.8 quarts
Mixture bowl capacity (approx.) 126.4 lb
Horsepower 2.1 - 2.7 
Knife speed 1700/3400 rpm
Bowl speed 22/45 rpm
Electrical 220v/60/3 or 220v/60/1
Weight 441 lb
Packaging weight 500 lb
Dimensions (DWH) 29.5" x 34.25" x 21.6"
Packaging dimensions 40" x 31" x 30"


One year parts and labour warranty.