Omcan GR-IT-3728 - Heavy Duty Cheese Grater - 5 HP

  • CAD Regular price $9,299.00

Equipped with a stainless steel roller, electromechanical brake, and safety sensor. It comes with a large receiving pan.

Heavy-duty and reliable. Quick large-scale production of: Parmesan, hard cheeses, bread and nuts. Suitable for use in food processing centres, packaging centres, supermarkets and food service facilities


Model: GR-IT-3728
HP: 5
Grater Revolution: 1400
Mouth Dimension: 6.5" x 12.5"
Electrical: 208V/60/3
Weight: 242 lb
Packaging Weight: 308 lb
Dimensions (DWH): 36" x 29" x 36.25"
Packaging Dimensions: 41" x 37" x 45"
Item #: 11410