Omcan BC-IT-0910-T - Floor Model Blast Chiller - Fits 10 Trays

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The Omcan BC-IT-0910-T (item 46674) is a blast chiller and freezer that can fit up to 10 trays (18" x 26" trays). It can chill up to 70 pounds (32 kg) of food at a time to 3° Celsius, or it can freeze up to 55 pounds (25 kg) of food at a time to -18° Celsius.

It has simple controls and will allow you to quickly lower the temperature of your food through the danger zone, keeping your food safe, and producing less ice crystals and thus damaging your food less, improving your foods texture when reheated. We often sell these to hotels, restaurants, and food operations who are dealing with bulk food.

You can have two cycles on a blast chiller: the "positive cycle" and the "negative cycle." The "positive cycle" means to bring your food from up to 70°C to 3°C. The maximum time requested from the HACCP law for reaching 3°C is 90 minutes. The "negative cycle" means to bring your food from 70°C to -18°C. The maximum time requested from the HACCP law for reaching -18°C at the core of the product is 270 minutes. The time to reach 3° or -18° depends on your food's temperature, thickness, quantity, amount of water, etc. This blast chiller can be controlled by a time setting, or by a probe into your food.

      • Internal glossy finish
      • External scotch-brite finish
      • 60 mm high density polyurethane foam insulation, CFC and HCFC-free
      • Core probe included
      • Removable grids-rack for easy cleaning
      • Air condensation
      • Manual defrosting
      • Automatic cold holding at the end of cycle
      • Time or core probe control



    Brand Omcan
    Number Of Trays
     10 (18" X 26")
    Max Ambient Temperature 32° Celsius (90° F)
    Cooling Capacity 32kg (to 3°C) or 25kg (to -18°C)
    Electrical 220v, 60hz, 1ph
    Amps 6.5
    Refrigerant R404a
    Interior Dimensions (DWH) 27.6" x 18.5" x 30"
    Dimensions 32" x 32" x 66" 
    Ship Weight 386 lb


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