Omcan MT-BR-0400 - Electric Meat Tenderizer - Stainless Steel

  • CAD Regular price $2,501.00

The Meat Tenderizer 17847 has a Safety Switch and will turn off the machine as soon as its cover is lifted. This table top machine is suitable to process various types of fresh boneless meat. The tenderizer is manufactured of polished aluminium, stainless steel and long life food grade plastic materials.


Model: MT-BR-0400
Horsepower: 1/2
Average Production: 400 kg/h
Consumption: 0.37 kw/h
Oil Capacity: 250 ml
Weight: 59.4 lb
Packaging Weight: 63.8 lb
Dimensions (DWH): 8.66" x 18.5" x 20.86"
Item #: 17847