Omcan MX-IT-0025 - Dough Fork Mixer

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Omcan's MX-IT-0025 is a single-speed dough fork mixer -- otherwise known as an oblique mixer. This mixer is popular amidst European circles, and really anyone who takes a more traditional approach to baking. In light of some of the other mixers available on the market right now, one of the biggest appeals of a fork mixer comes down to familiarity (i.e. if you were trained on one when you started into baking).

This fork mixer comes with a built-in timer to control the mixing process. This helps you optimize your workflow by setting the machine to mix whilst you go off to and finish whatever else needs to be done. And as a single speed model, you don't have to worry about inconsistent results! Just set the mixer to your desired time and you're set.

The MX-IT-0025 consists of a stainless steel bowl, fork, holder shaft, and bowl guard. The body itself is crafted from powder-coated steel, and it consists of a motor and trapezoidal belts. There's also two reduction gears that work apart from the bowl and fork. All of this mixer's rotating parts are assembled on ball bearings. This model can knead a max of 25 kilograms of dough.

      • 1 speed
      • Built-in timer
      • Stainless steel bowl, fork, holder shaft, and bowl guard
      • Powder-coated steel exterior
      • 25 kg of dough max working capacity
      • Made in Italy
      • NSF certified


Model MX-IT-0025
Item # 44256
Dimensions (WDH) 22.05" x 34.25" x 35.04"
Capacity 25 kg. / 55 lbs. (9L of water; 16 kg of flour)
Bowl Capacity 30 L / 26.40 QT
Fork Speed 28 RPM
Bowl Speed 9 RPM
Electrical 200-240 V / 60 Hz / 1Ph
Power 2 HP
Weight 315.26 lb


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