Omcan - Refrigerated Topping Rail

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These refrigerated Omcan prep rails are the perfect option for either dessert or entree toppings. They have a digital LED temperature display to aid you in keeping the food at the right temperature. The temperature range is 2 to 10°C. The refrigerant itself is CFC free.

All-in-all, the unit has a complete AISI 304 structure, and a glass top to act as a sneeze guard. These topping centres are ideal for back of house, or front of house in a buffet line. Last but not least, these rails are compatible for 2.5" to 4" deep food pans.

      • CFC free refrigerant
      • Digital LED temperature display
      • Temperature range of 2 to 10°C
      • Complete AISI 304 structure
      • Glass top
      • Suitable for buffet lines
      • Compatible for 2.5” - 4” deep food pans
      • Pans not included


Item  Dimensions Capacity Download Spec Sheets
47.2” x 15.5” x 17.1” 4 pans 46679 spec sheet
59” x 15.5” x 17.1” 6 pans 41937 spec sheet
78.7” x 15.5” x 17.1” 9 pans 46680 spec sheet


One years parts and labour warranty.