Omcan CD-GR-1500 - 30 Racks/Hour High Temperature Door Type Dishwasher - 208-240v

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The Omcan CD-GR-1500 is a high temp upright dishwasher with a 16" clearance and with 3 different cycle lengths. It's an NSF approved unit with 208-240v power. The washing time is 103, 163, or 223 seconds, with a rinsing time of 16 seconds — so at its peak, it can do up to 30 racks every hour. It consumes around 2 to 2.5 litres of fresh water for each cycle.

      • Washing pump: IP44
      • Standard tank and boiler thermometer
      • Thermal protection for wash and tank booster
      • Standard rinse temperature thermo detector 3 washing cycle
      • Straight or corner convertibility
      • Proof rinse feature ensures proper sanitized rinse cycle temperature
      • NSF certified indicators for wash temperature, rinse temperature and rinse pressure
      • 304 stainless steel body and handle, heavy duty & corrosion resistant
      • Upper and lower wash/rinse arms with high temperature cycles (temp.165-195°F/ 74-91°C )
      • 1 peg rack, 1 flat rack & 1 cutlery tray included


Item Number: 45220
Model: CD-GR-1500
Basket Size: 20” X 20”
Wash Pump: 1.5 HP
Booster Tank: 7.4l
Wash Tank: 68l
Heating Element: Booster Tank: 7.5 Kw, Wash Tank: 6 Kw
Power: 8.2 Kw
Electrical: 208-240v/ 60Hz/ 1ph
Amp: 46a
Hot Water Requirements: .5” GPC (2LPC) 50°c/ 120°f
Water Line Requirements: .75” Hose Supplied
Water Pressure Requirements: 30-72 Psi
Drain Line: 1.38” / 35 Mm Hose Supplied
Door Clearance: 16”/ 400 Mm
Net Dimensions (WDH): (Close Position) 29.5” X 34.6” X 55.6”
Gross Dimensions: 30” X 35” X 57”
Net Weight: 245 lb
Gross Weight: 266 lb


One year parts and labour warranty.


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