Omcan WO-CN-0640 - Wood Burning Pizza Oven

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The Omcan WO-CN-0640 is a commercial wood-burning pizza oven made of durable stainless steel. Its fire brick floor can be heated up evenly in five minutes and is perfect for baking, roasting, or grilling.

This pizza oven comes with wheels so it can be easily moved around, and it comes with the following accessories: a pizza peel and cover, a pizza cutter, and a pie server.

      • Made of durable stainless steel
      • 25.1" x 29.5" cooking area (fire brick floor)
      • 20.75" x 10.5" opening
      • Comes with pizza peel, cover, pizza cutter, and pie server
      • Ideal for baking, roasting, or grilling
      • Comes with wheels so it is mobile
      • No gas, no electricity -- just good old fashioned wood heat!


Model WO-CN-0640 
Stainless steel
Heating Time 5 minutes
Opening (WH) 20.75" x 10.5"
Cooking Area 25.1" x 29.5"
Temperature Up to 426°C (800°F)
Smoker Stack Diameter 5"
Smoker Stack Height 29"
Dimensions (WDH) 32.3" x 28.7" x 47.2"


180 day warranty.