Rational iCombi Pro - Combi Oven with Advanced Virtual Cooking Assistant

It's hard to explain how much a RATIONAL can transform your kitchen without seeing one in action: we'd encourage you to contact us to view a live or virtual demo, or come into one of our stores to test out your products in our RATIONAL test kitchen. Contact us and we'd love to explain how a RATIONAL can reshape your kitchen.

The RATIONAL iCombi Pro is an advanced, intelligent cooking machine that can transform the way you operate your kitchen. This oven can manage a huge variety of food, and do so with a level of precision, consistency, and quality that no other oven comes close to. It can sear chicken, grill steaks, roast overnight, smoke salmon, cook your a-la-carte breakfast menu, roast coffee beans, and more. This is more than just a normal combi oven with a fancy touch screen. There are a number of things that set it apart. 

One of the big things that makes this machine different than other combi ovens is its intelligent cooking assistant. You select the product you're cooking, the results you want, and it will intelligently detect the size and quantity and make automatic adjustments to ensure you get the results you want.

You can also put in different items to cook at the same time with independent timers, and as you open and close the door, the oven will intelligently adjust the temperature, humidity, and time for each individual item, to ensure that each product is cooked exactly like you want.

Another feature that sets this combi oven apart is the cabinet consistency. These ovens have more fans than the competition, an inbuilt boiler, and an incredible 60 points of temperature measurement. This mean the temperature is kept absolutely consistent throughout the chamber, meaning you don't need to worry about cold spots or rotating your items.

The iCombi Pro enables chefs to have a level quality and consistency, while reducing labour costs by reducing menial tasks and replacing single-function equipment. The return on investment for these machines is incredible, and has to be seen to be believed. We'd encourage you to reach out to us to see one of these in action and to test one out yourself. 

      • You select the product, define the results you want, and the oven adjusts the temperature and humidity to give you the results you ask for
      • The production manager allows you to cook multiple items at the same time as the oven will automatically adjust the temperature, humidity, and time for each product as needed
      • Perfect for prepping large batches of food, or a-la-cart menus for use throughout the day
      • Internal boiler gives greater cabinet consistency than steam injection
      • Boiler also gives you control over the temperature of the steam, which gives you an incomparable level of control
      • Allows a team to consistently get required results without years of training
      • Energy Star Certified


    Two years parts and labour. Five year warranty on the steam generator.