Robot Coupe - Dicing Kits for Food Processors

  • CAD Regular price $544.00

Please check the tables below for disc compatibility. Item numbers with an asterisk (*) come with one dicing grid and one slicing disc. 

Compatible models R2Dice Series
Dicing Kit Item Number
8x8 mm 27264
10x10 mm 27265
12x12 mm 27290


Compatible models R301 Dice Ultra, R402, CL40
Dicing Kit Item Number
8x8 mm 27113*
10x10 mm 27114*
12x12 mm 27298*


Compatible models R502, R652, R602VV, CL50 Series, CL51, CL52, CL55, CL60
Dicing Kit Item Number
5x5 mm 28110*
8x8 mm 28111*
10x10 mm 28112*
12x12 mm 28197*
14x14x5 mm Mozarella 28181*
14x14x10 mm 28179*
14x14 mm 28113*
20x20 mm 28114*
25x25 mm 28115*
2" Lettuce Cut 28180*