Robot Coupe - Julienne Discs for Food Processors

  • CAD Regular price $127.00

These are Robot-Coupe Julienne discs for Robot-Coupe food processors. Find your model in the tables below and pick your disc accordingly. The green drawings show the scale of the cut. 

Compatible models  R101P Series, R2N Series,  R2Dice Series, R301 Series, R401, R402, CL40
Julienne Disc Item Number
2x2 mm 27599
2x4 mm 27080
2x6 mm 27081
4x4 mm 27047
6x6 mm 27610
8x8 mm 27048
1x26 mm onion/cabbage 28153


Compatible models R502, R602VV, R652CL50 Series, CL51, CL52, CL55, CL60
Julienne Disc Item Number
2x2 mm 28051
2x4 mm 27072
2x8 mm 27067
1 x 8 mm tagliatelle 28172
2x10 tagliatelle 28173
2.5x2.5 mm 28195
3x3 mm 28101
4x4 mm 28052
6x6 mm 28053
8x8 mm 28054