Robot Coupe Mini MP - Light Duty Immersion Blender

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Robot Coupe's Mini MP series is, like the name indicates, a group of miniature size blenders. They're ideal for sauces and small quantities of anything that needs blending, mixing, or stirring. Despite their miniature size these mixers are robust and built of quality materials -- perfect for everyday commercial use.

The Mini MP immersion blenders come with 7, 8, and 10 inch shaft lengths. Both the 8" and 10" models are compatible with a 7" whisk attachment. The whisk itself is resilient in its own right with an all-metal housing. The speed of both the mixer and whisk attachments is highly customizable: the mixer has a range of 2,000 to 12,500 RPM, and the whisk has a range of 350 to 1500 RPM. 

Robot Coupe's Mini MP has been specially designed to ensure efficiency, ease-of-use, and resilience. With their ergonomic design you're able to get a good grip on the machine, reducing any fatigue you may get from periods of long mixing. The tube, blade, and bell are all made of stainless steel; and, the motor has a range of 240 to 290 W; all-of-which work together to give Robot Coupe's Mini MP series a long life-span. 

      • Comes with 7, 8, or 10 inch shaft length 
      • 8 and 10 inch model come with optional whisk attachment
      • Speeds are variable
      • Parts can be easily detached for quick cleaning
      • Built with 100% stainless steel components 
      • Conveniently placed speed adjustment knob and ergonomic design
      • Motor range between 240 - 290 W
      • Shipped with two accessory blades: the Aeromix for mixing, and a blade for cutting
      • Long life-span


Power 240, 270, 290 W
Voltage 120; 1 phase
Weight 5 lb
Speed 2000 to 12500 RPM

Model Shaft Dimensions (LW)
MMP 160 V.V. 7" 18.3" x 3"
MMP 190 V.V. 8" 20.2" x 3"
MMP 240 V.V. 10" 22.3" x 3"


Whisk for Robot Coupe Mini MP Immersion Blenders


One year one time replacement warranty.