Robot Coupe R652 - 7 Qt. Combination Food Processor - 3 HP

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The Robot Coupe R 652 is both a cutter bowl and a vegetable preparation machine -- all on the same sturdy motor base. It has a powerful 3 horsepower motor, with two speeds of 600 and 1725 RPM (plus a pulse switch) and it comes with one smooth blade, one slicing disc (3mm), and one grating disc (3mm), and with a stainless steel bowl. This combination food processor can be used as either a continuous feed machine or as a batch bowl machine -- and with optional attachment, it's capable of dicing and french fries.

This machine has been designed to produce between 50 to 400 meals per service: in other words, for each service -- breakfast, lunch, and dinner -- you'll be able to process enough fruit and vegetables for up to 400 meals.  And because of its full collection of discs, you'll be able to slice, julienne, ripple cut, grate, or dice.

      • 2 discs and 1 "S" blade included
      • 2 speed - 600 and 1725 RPM (with a pulse switch)
      • 3 horsepower
      • 7 quart capacity
      • 208-240v, 3 phase
      • Perfect for long or bulky vegetables, and can function both as a cutter or vegetable prep machine. Many possible uses with its 50 optional discs, including dicing and french fries (with optional dicing discs)


  • Slicing disc - 3mm
  • Grating disc - 3mm
  • Smooth "S" blade


Model R 652
Power 3 HP
Voltage Three Phase
Speeds Two speeds - 850 and 1725 RPM
Dimensions (HLW) 14.75" x 14.5" x 28.5"
Ship Weight 88 lb


Slicing discs
Ripple cut slicing discs
Grater discs
Julienne discs
Dicing kits
Serrated "S" blade
Additional "S" blade


One year parts and labour warranty.