Robot-Coupe CL 50 - Continuous Feed Food Processor

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The Robot Coupe CL-50 series are high quality, powerful continuous feed vegetable preparation machines, which were designed specifically for institutions, delicatessens, caterers, and restaurateurs, and they come in a few different varieties. The main distinction is between the CL 50 and the CL 50 Ultra. The Ultra has a stainless steel motor base, whereas the regular CL 50 has a poly-carbonate base.

The CL50 and the CL50 Ultra come with two discs: a 3mm slicing disc and a 3mm grating disc. However, you can also order the CL 50 Ultra with three different disc packages: the Pizza disc package, the Tex-Mex disc package, or the Restaurant disc package. And Robot-Coupe has a huge range of optional discs that you can purchase separately as well.

      • Two discs included on the standard models (with alternate disc packages available)
      • Wide range of optional discs
      • 1 speed - 425 RPM
      • 1.5 HP motor
      • Continuous feed
      • 120v, 1 phase
      • Perfect for any kinds of fruits, vegetables, or cheese -- even  bulky and long vegetables. 


Introduction Port
The large hopper is perfect for processing bulky vegetables such as cabbage and celery. It can accommodate up to 10 tomatoes at a time.

The cylindrical hopper can process long or delicate vegetables (such as carrots, cucumbers, and mushrooms) with flawless cutting precision.

The motor base was designed to withstand the processing of large quantities. It is poly-carbonate on the standard model and stainless steel on the Ultra model.

The design of the lid and pusher eliminates any open catch areas where food particles could accumulate.

These models boast a lever-activated auto restart, making them more user-friendly and optimizing safety.


    Standard Models

    • Slicing disc - 3mm 
    • Grating disc - 3mm

    Pizza Package

    • Slicing discs - 2mm and 4mm
    • Grating disc - 7mm
    • Dicing kit - 10mm x 10mm
    • Dice cleaning kit
    • 2 disc wall holders

    Tex-Mex Package

    • Slicing discs - 3mm and 5mm
    • Grating discs - 3mm and 5mm
    • Dicing kit - 10mm x 10mm
    • Dice cleaning kit
    • 2 disc wall holders

    Restaurant Package

    • Slicing discs - 3mm and 6mm
    • Grating discs - 3mm and 9mm
    • Julienne 4mm x 4mm
    • French Fries 10mm x 10mm
    • Dicing kit - 10mm x 10mm
    • Dice cleaning kit
    • 4 disc wall holders


    Slicing discs
    Ripple cut slicing discs
    Grater discs
    Julienne discs
    Dicing kits
    French fry kits


    Power 1.5 HP
    Voltage Single Phase
    Speed 425 rpm
    Practical time 220 lb
    Theoretical time 1100 lb
    Available discs 52
    NEMA Plug 5-15P
    Standards ETL electrical and sanitation Listed, cETL (Canada)
    Dimensions (HLW) 23.43" x 13.5" x 14.75"


    One year warranty.