Sirman ROBERTO - Hot Dog Bun Warmer - 6 Buns

  • CAD Regular price $803.00

The Sirman ROBERTO comes with 6 anodized non-stick aluminum spikes to keep hot dog buns warm from the inside. It features a simple stainless steel design in an unobtrusive form factor. Since each bun gets its own heating element, bun warming is much more consistent than with other kinds of bun warmers.

      • Stainless steel construction
      • Simple and straightforward design
      • 6 anodized non-stick aluminum bun warmers (7.5" x 1" each)
      • Temperature control dial


Spike Dimensions
 7.5" x 1" 
Electrical 110v, 875W, 8A, 5-15P
Capacity 30 hot dogs and 4 buns
Weight 18 lb
Dimensions 13" x 14" x 18"


One year parts and labour warranty.