Toastmaster TP424 - Four Slot Commercial Pop-Up Toaster - 300 slices per hour

  • CAD Regular price $1,091.00

Frozen waffles, bread, Texas Toast, and many other foods can be toasted to perfection with the Toastmaster TP424 - 4 slice commercial pop-up toaster. This pop-up toaster can toast up to 250-300 slices of bread per hour to feed your hungry customers.

The TP424 cooking slots come with heating elements on both sides that thoroughly warm your products to give them a desirable, crispy texture. It also comes with a solid state control knob that allows you to easily adjust the product’s cook time and colour.

      • Steel exterior with a brushed stainless steel finish 
      • Sleek mirrored finish front panel
      • Removable crumb tray to make the unit both durable and easy to clean