TurboChef Double Batch - High Speed Oven with Impingement - 3" x 18" x 17" Cavity (HWD)

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The TurboChef Double Batch high speed oven uses patented impingement technology to decrease cook times by 40 - 50% compared to traditional batch cooking. It has two independent cavities that circulate impinged air at speeds of up to 50 MPH to create high heat-transfer rates and reduced cooking times. The oven uses variable speed blowers, oscillating racks, and a catalytic converter, resulting in minimal energy input, high food quality, and ventless operation.

This oven won the Kitchen Innovations award in 2017. It can cook up to forty 16" pizzas per hour and has a split-screen touch-screen to intuitively control each cavity simultaneously. Its cook chambers are 3.3" high, 18.1" wide, and 17.07" deep. TurboChef has designed this oven for convenience stores, casual dining, hotels and resorts, military, quick service restaurants, supermarkets, and theaters across Canada. If you're comparing TurboChef high speed ovens, check out their oven brochure to see the comparable features and specs of each model.

      • Patented impingement airflow with oscillating rack ensures even top and bottom bake
      • Cooks up to forty 16" pizzas per hour
      • Intuitive split screen touch controller simultaneously manages each cavity
      • Up to 10 selectable languages
      • Middleby ConnectTM Wi-Fi ready
      • Customizable menu settings via Wi-Fi, USB, or manual entry
      • Stackable design up to two high (requires stacking kit)
      • Capable of storing up to 800 unique recipe settings (400 per cavity)
      • 4" adjustable legs (optional)
      • Operates without a ventilation hood


16-inch Pizza (fresh dough) 3 Minutes
Chicken Wings (refrigerated) 5 Minutes 45 Seconds
Toasted Sandwich 1 Minute 35 Seconds
Roasted Vegetables 5 Minutes
Fresh Buttermilk Biscuits (16) 9 Minutes


    Exterior Stainless Steel
    Interior Stainless Steel
    Dimensions (HWD) 23.2" x 27.7" x 31.7"
    Cook Chamber (HWD) 3.3" x 18.1" x 17.07"
    Cook Chamber Volume 0.59 Cubic Feet
    Top Wall Clearance 2"
    Side Wall Clearance 2"
    Model HHD-9500-1


    One year parts and labour warranty.