Vulcan MSA24 - 24" Heavy Duty, Snap-Action Thermostatic Gas Griddle with Manual Ignition - 54,000 BTU

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The Southbend MSA24 is part of their "MSA" series of gas griddles. This is a heavy-duty griddle with the same gas safety system and embedded snap-action controls of the 900RX Series but comes standard with a manual ignition system, and does not include the 900RX's front manifold shut-off valve.

The all-mechanical control system makes the MSA24 perfect for commercial kitchens that don't have electrical power on the line or that have concerns about GFI circuit and the use of automatic spark ignition for their equipment.

The MSA series has been designed to meet the needs of full-menu, high-volume casual dining and fast casual restaurants. It is built on a low-profile base that is compatible with kitchen equipment stands or refrigerated bases to optimize cooking height for the restaurant operator. For more information, check out the brochure.

      • Embedded snap action thermostat provides durability and precise griddle temperature control from 200° to 550° Fahrenheit
      • 27,000 BTUs per 12" section, U-shaped steel burners
      • 1" thick steel plate, 24" deep (also available in 30" deep)
      • 1 supervised pilot safety valve for every 2 burners; valve will completely shut off gas to pilot and burners if pilot extinguishes or gas supply is interrupted
      • Heavy duty flat top enables breakfast to dinner functionality
      • Cool bull nose design keeps the grill front rail cool to the touch at all times



Standard thermostatic controls (sometimes known as modulating or throttling thermostatic controls) will keep the temperature within 30-40 degrees of the set point, and sometimes with a lagging response due to heavy loads of products, which can cause slower heat recoveries.

Vulcan's Snap-Action thermostatic controls will, on the other hand, control the temperature within 10-15 degrees from the set point, and ensure a faster recovery time, making these perfect for cooking items such as burgers and breakfast fare.


Model MSA24
Width 24"
Depth 31.5"
Overall Height 15.25"
Working Height 11.1"
Number of Burners 2
BTU 54,000 per hour
Plate Thickness 1"
Number of Drawers 1
Ship Weight 285 lb


One year limited parts and labour warranty.


Vulcan VMCS Clamshell


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