Vulcan V Series - 36" Heavy Duty Commercial Gas Range Section

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This is the 36" section of the Vulcan V Series of heavy-duty, customizable ranges. You can order this range section in a variety of configurations, and then combine it with other V Series sections or matched equipment, to create a custom unit. The top configurations can be ordered as modular units (to be placed on a refrigerated chef base or a stand), or with a cabinet base, with a standard oven, or with a convection oven.

The Vulcan V Series heavy duty ranges may be some of the most flexible, gas-powered ranges on the market. These sturdy, stainless steel machines are crafted to maximize performance, as well as give your kitchen an advanced visual aesthetic for display cooking. Furthermore, the V Series ranges are highly modular, offering you a versatile array of top and base configurations for most width categories. 

The V Series ranges come outfitted with a stainless steel front, front top ledge, crumb tray, base, and stub back. The modular units come with 4" flanged feet you can rest upon a chef base or stand (sold separately). In the oven cavity, you'll be getting a porcelain-over-steel construction. And griddles are available on both the left and right side of the oven as separate attachments. For more information on the V series heavy duty ranges, check out Vulcan's brochure.

      • Stainless steel front, front top ledge, crumb tray, base and stub back
      • 1.25" front gas manifold
      • 1.25" rear gas connection (capped)
      • 4" stainless steel stub riser
      • Heavy duty cast grates and aeration bowls
      • 6" adjustable legs
      • 4" flanged feet for all modular top units
      • Stainless steel cabinet base doors and adjustable universal slides with stainless steel shelf for cabinet base models (no shelf or slides in 12" wide cabinet bases)
      • Porcelain over steel oven cavity
      • Griddles available left or right



The V Series is Vulcan's fully customizable, heavy-duty range series. You can pick and choose different sections and add them side by side. There's a wide variety of oven tops and bases, as well as matched fryers, broilers, and more.

Please keep in mind that the configuration options will vary depending on the width of the section you're purchasing. For instance, the 48" section is only available as a modular item and as a charbroiler, whereas the 36" section is available as a single french-top, manual griddle, etc. and can be paired with a standard oven, convection oven, and so-on. If it's a modular item you're purchasing, it would be placed on either a refrigerated chef base or a stand.



  • Comes with 4" flanged feet, to be set on a refrigerated chef base or stand (sold separately)

Cabinet Base

  • 6" adjustable stainless steel legs
  • Stainless steel cabinet base doors

Standard Oven

  • 50,000 BTU/hr. standard oven burner
  • Porcelain oven cavity
  • 6" adjustable stainless steel legs

Convection Oven

  • 32,000 BTU/hr. convection oven burner
  • Porcelain oven cavity
  • 6" adjustable stainless steel legs


Model Top Configuration Spec Sheet
V6B36 6 Burners PDF
V4B36 4 Burners PDF
V2BG24 2 Burners &
24" Manual Griddle
V2BG4T 2 Burners &
24" Thermostatic Griddle
V2BG18 2 Burners &
18" Manual Griddle
V2BG8T 2 Burners &
18" Thermostatic Griddle
VGM36 Manual Griddle PDF
VGMT36 Thermostatic Griddle PDF
VCBB36 Charbroiler PDF
VTC36 VTEC Charbroiler PDF
V1FT36 Single French-Top PDF
V2FT36 Dual French-Top PDF
V236H 2 Hot-Tops PDF
V336H 3 Hot-Tops PDF
VWT36 Work-Top PDF
V2P36 Dual 18" Plancha PDF


One year limited parts and labour. 


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