Vulcan VACB25 Achiever - 25" Heavy Duty, Gas Radiant Charbroiler - 68,000 BTU

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The Vulcan VACB25 is part of their "Achiever" series of charbroilers that give heavy-duty performance, high production output, and consistent reliability. It has the best temperature profile of any charbroiler in its class -- putting more usable heat into the grate area for a high output and efficiency.

Vulcan's "Supercharger" plates enables exceptional heat distribution across the cooking surface. For more information on the Achiever series of Vulcan charbroilers, check out their brochure.

If you're comparing the Vulcan's VCCB series with the VACB, here is the primary difference: the VACB series has 17,000 BTU/hr burners, whereas the VCCB has 14,000 BTU/hr burners. Their broiling area and overall dimensions are also slightly different from one other, but they are both considered low-profile, heavy-duty charbroilers.

      • Powerful 17,000 BTU/hr burner in each 6" broiler section with wide range manual gas valves for precise zone control
      • Heavy duty cast iron burners, radiants and grates provide exceptional durability
      • Heat deflector panels below burner sections reflect heat into the cooking zone, improving uniformity of temperature across the entire cooking surface as well as protecting your refrigerated chef base
      • Vulcan's "Supercharger" plates are standard-improving energy utilization and performance across the burner box
      • Easy-to-light design, standing pilot ignition



Model VACB25
Dimensions (WDH) 25.1" x 31" x 15.3"
Work Height 12"
Broiling Area 21.5" x 22.3"
Burners 4
Drip Trays 1
NG BTU 68,000 per hour
LG BTU 64,000 per hour
Ship Weight 290 lb


Wood Assist Smoker Base


One year limited parts and labour warranty.


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