Zumoval TOP - Automatic Orange Juice Machine - 28 oranges per minute

  • CAD Regular price $8,675.00

The Zumoval "TOP" is a european style orange juice machine that has a proven record in the market for over 20 years. It has a heavy-duty motor and gears manufactured from stainless steel. This model automatically loads the oranges into the machine. It also has an optional self-tap.

      • 28 oranges per minute
      • Automatically loaded
      • Automatic shower system
      • Has optional self-tap



Self-tap: The easy-to-use automatic tap is connected directly to the motor of the machine. Open the tap and the machine starts running. Close the tap and the machine stops.


HP: 0.75 HP
Fruit Diameter: 2.36” - 3.15”
Feeder Capacity: 39 lb
Peel Bucket: 19.8 lb
Production: 28 Oranges Per Minute
Electrical: 115v / 60Hz / 1
Current: 9 / 8.6 A
Dimensions: (DWH): 17.7” X 19.3” X 36.6”
Weight: 119.9 lb