Kool-It Refrigeration Equipment

Kool-It is a leader in commercial refrigeration equipment, offering two or three year warranties on their refrigerated equipment. We here at iFoodEquipment think this manufacturer is pretty cool.

Reach In Refrigerators

Kool-It reach in refrigerators: they're sturdy, they're stylish, and they're covered with a long warranty. What more could you want?

Reach In Freezers

Kool-It freezers are even cooler than their refrigerators! They have both top-mounted and bottom mounted freezers available.

Merchandiser Refrigerators

These merchandiser coolers are sure to attract the eyes of your customers, showing off your wares, increasing impulse buys.

Chef Bases

Add some refrigerated space to your kitchen. You can sit griddles and other equipment on top of these for added convenience!

Merchandiser Freezers

These are great for merchandising your frozen goods: whether you've got chickens or ice cream -- these will work.

Prep Tables

Kool-It has a full line of sandwich and salad prep tables. If you're making a lot of salads and sandwiches, these are essential.

Pizza Prep Tables

If you've got a pizza joint, one of these refrigerated tables can drastically increase the rate of your production.

Undercounter Refrigerators

Looking for some more refrigerated space in your kitchen -- put one of these bad boy coolers under your counter.

Undercounter Freezers

Kool-It has got a full line of undercounter freezers that can work for any commercial kitchen.