Endura 3911A-1 - Solids Basket Accessory

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The Endura Solids Basket Accessory (SBA) is sold as a separate item to allow the upgrading of any regular height Endura grease interceptor to provide solids management capability. When installing in this application simply remove the inlet baffle from your interceptor, replacing it with the solids basket accessory. This unit should be checked and cleaned at least weekly.

The management of solids and debris entering the drain is equally as important to manage as the grease itself. Large quantities of solids reduce the working volume of the grease interceptor, significantly impairing performance. Additionally, debris entering the drain will increase the risk of blockage at the flow control device which could result in costly clogs and back-ups. The Endura Solids interceptors offer solutions for small to medium output applications, using the benefits of the Endura design concept with different internal components to provide proactive prevention of solids related issues.

      • Sufficient clearance above the interceptor must be available (18") and maintained for removal and replacement of the solids basket.
      • Integrated handles in flip up cover provide lifting locations
      • Removable coarse and fine filter screens


      Part Number 3911A-1
      Dimensions (WDH) 13.7" x 7.2" x 14.3"
      Ship Weight 7 lb


      10 year warranty.