Iwatani CB-P-Y3 - BBQ Plate Accessory

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The Iwatani CB-P-Y3 is a large, bbq plate accessory for any Iwatani portable butane stove. The bbq plate is 12 inches in diameter. It has a steel handle, a non-stick-coated aluminum plate, and a non-stick-coated steel water tray.

The Iwatani CB-P-Y3 bbq plate consits of a water tray that fits snuggly onto the indentations on the water tray so that the flames are directed at the center of the plate. Then there's the plate itself, which can be easily handled with a handle that comes with the accessory.

Please note, this accessory is only for Iwatani butane stoves. It wouldn't work on an Iwatani induction or electric cooktop, nor is it designed to work for butane stoves that aren't Iwatani.

      • BBQ plate accessory specifically for Iwatani butane stoves
      • 12 inches in diameter
      • Steel handle
      • Non-stick-coated, aluminum plate
      • Non-stick-coated, steel water tray
      • Comes with a handle to manipulate the tray


Model CB-P-Y3
Brand Iwatani
Dimensions (D) 12"


One year replacement warranty.