Microplane 40001 - All Stainless Steel Zester

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This is Microplane's 40001, a classic rasp all-stainless steel citrus zester. It's perfect for zesting oranges, lemons, limes, and other citrus fruits. This was originally a wood-working tool, which means it is a razor-sharp rasp that is now used by professional chefs, restaurants, and home-chefs alike, because of how it allows effortless citrus zesting as well as lacy wisps of parmesan and other hard cheeses. It does not come with a handle, and it doesn't need a handle! You just hold on directly to the rasp while your are zesting.

It is top-rack dishwasher safe, but also extremely easy to clean by hand. We recommend rinsing your grater in warm water immediately after each use. Remove trapped particles from the non-sharp side whenever possible. To remove trapped particles on the front, first soak the tool in warm water and then use a cleaning brush to stroke in the same direction as the teeth.

      • Commercial-quality citrus zester
      • Perfect for limes, lemons, oranges, and hard cheeses like Parmesan
      • Creates a fine zest and a wispy Parmesan
      • Reusable protective cover included
      • Made with surgical-grade stainless steel blade
      • Made in USA
      • No handle is required to use this
      • Comes with a plastic cover for when not in use


Brand Microplane
Type Zester
SKU 40001
Series Classic Premium
Dimensions 12" x 1.33" x 0.33"
Material Surgical-grade stainless steel