Microplane - Premium Classic Zester / Cheese Grater

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This is Microplane's original rasp zester and cheese grater, now with a soft-touch handle. It is used by professional chefs, restaurants, and home cooks alike, and is known worldwide for its sharpness, quality, and durability. It is expertly crafted with surgical-grade stainless steel blades, in order to cut through both soft and hard foods effortlessly without shredding or tearing.

This zester/grater can grate hard cheeses like parmesan into fine lacy wisps, which is perfect for topping spaghetti or a Caesar salad. And it also effortlessly zests citrus fruits, perfect for adding some natural flavour to a lemon crème brûlée or a basic vinaigrette.

This is one of the most popular zester and graters on the market because of its quality: it zests at the perfect depth to only get the zest and not the bitter white pith. It's a multi-purpose tool designed to grate garlic, ginger, parmesan cheese, nutmeg, or cinnamon. It creates a fine zest, ideal for baking and cooking.

It is top rack dishwasher safe, but we recommend rinsing your cheese grater in warm water immediately after each use. Remove trapped particles from the non-sharp side whenever possible. To remove trapped particles on the front, first soak the tool in warm water and then use a cleaning brush to stroke in the same direction as the teeth. Store with blade covered when not in use.

      • Multiple colours to choose from
      • Perfect for zesting and grating
      • Designed for use with citrus fruits (oranges, lemons, limes), hard cheeses, nutmeg, or cinnamon
      • Reusable protective cover included
      • Rubber feet for added stability
      • Soft touch ergonomic handle
      • Materials: Surgical grade stainless steel blade. TPE plastic handle
      • Blade made in the USA


Brand Microplane
Type Zester / Grater
Dimensions 12" x 1.3" x 1"
Blade Stainless Steel

SKU Colour
46020 Black
46825 Coral
46201 Dark Blue
46720 Green
46901 Grey
46826 Melon
46120 Red
46220 Turquoise
46620 Yellow