Omcan CF-CN-0520 - 20.5" Countertop Cotton Candy Maker

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Countertop Cotton Candy Maker is a great way to make special events extra sweet! Perfect for birthdays, fairs, engagement parties, graduations, carnivals, festivals, fund raising events, corporate events, weddings and so much more!

      • Four clasps to hold the stainless steel bowl for effortless cleaning and removal
      • Front panel includes: display meter, speed adjuster and power switches
      • Stainless steel drawer for quick access for equipment and tools
      • Built in fuse for safety use
      • Comes with a stainless steel scoop
      • CE certified


Omcan 520-LINER - Liner for 20.5" Cotton Candy Pan
Omcan ET-MF-CLIP - Clip for Cotton Candy Pan


Model: CF-CN-0520
Bowl Size: 20.47″/52cm Diameter x 6″/15.24cm Height
Power: 1.03kw
Electrical:110v/ 60Hz/ 1
Dimensions(DWH): 20.47″/ 52cm x 20.47″/ 52cm x 19.68″/ 50cm
Net Weight: 12kg/ 26.4 lb
Gross Weight: 13kg/ 28.6 lb
Item #: 41336