Commercial Cheese Graters

This ain’t your momma’s home cheese grater. These are commercial, electric cheese graters, for those of you who are serious about grating some cheese. If you’ve got a restaurant, a deli, a pizzeria, a grocery store, or market in Canada, or if you just like to grate a ridiculous amount of cheese at home, a commercial cheese grater will do the trick. Because these are electrically powered cheese shredders, you’ll be able to shred huge amounts of cheese without putting any strain on your wrist.

We have some high-powered cheese graters and some lower-powered ones. Take a look at their horsepower, and that should give you a good indication of how powerful they are. And check out the product detail pages: they should give you a pretty good indication whether the cheese grater would be best in a high-volume or low-volume situation.

These cheese graters are commercial quality, so they are made out of stainless steel and other durable materials, with strong motors: so you don’t have to worry about these things breaking down, even with tougher cheeses. Also, if you want to grate bread, these machine can do the trick. Grated bread can be used in casseroles and veggie burgers. If you looking for just a bread grater, check out our bread grater section.

If you’re unsure of which electric cheese grater you should buy for your restaurant or commercial kitchen, just give us a call and we’d love to help you out. We love talking about cheese!
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