Food Prep Equipment

Commercial Mixers

A commercial mixer can be anything from a small countertop machine to a large floor model.

Commercial Meat Slicers

Save time by slicing meat with speed and precision with these commercial meat slicers.

Commercial Vacuum Sealers

Keep your food fresh with these commercial vacuum packaging machines. It's easier than it looks!

Commercial Juicers

What's better than juice? How about freshly squeezed juice made right in front of you?

Commercial Food Processors

Commercial food processors can be your all-in-one machine, to prep a variety of produce.

Commercial Blenders

A commercial blender is built for restaurants and commercial kitchens, to be durable and dependable for higher usage.

Commercial Meat Grinders

The meat won't know what hit it! Chop it or grind it! Perfect for ground beef or turkey.

Dough Dividers & Rounders

We've got manual and electric dough dividers and rounders to create perfect lumps of dough.

Dough Sheeters

Sheet some dough into flat crusts. An essential for many bakeries.

Spiral Mixers

You got a bakery or pizza shop, and need a lot of dough everyday? How 'bout a dough mixer? That should work!

Planetary Mixers

Mix doughs, batters, sauces and a lot of other things with a countertop, bench, or floor-model mixer.

Commercial Bread Slicers

Commercial bread slices are the greatest invention since sliced bread. So why don't you get one!

Bread Crumb Machines

Some bakeries or restaurants want bread crumbs. Did you know they make a machine specifically for that purpose?

Commercial Mixer Attachments

Get bowls, whips, dough hooks, flat beaters, vegetable and meat grinder attachments for your commercial mixer.

Bakery Water Meters

Get the precise amount of water you need for your bakery's dough production.

Bread Moulders

Mould doughs for bread and other sticky doughs.

Meat Band Saws

Cut through meat and/or bone with one swift movement! Just make sure there are no vegetarians in the room.

Commercial Food Dehydrators

Increase your sales, impress your friends, attract pretty people, with your dehydrated meats and vegetables!

Commercial Hamburger Presses

Take your ground meat and press it! Make your own perfectly formed patties with one of our presses.

Meat Mixers

Want to add in spices to your ground meats? Get a mixer, throw in the meat and spice, and get mixin'.

Commercial Sausage Stuffers

Who doesn't want to stuff some sausage every once and a while? These commercial stuffers can help with just that.

Commercial Meat Tenderizers

Before you marinate your meat and fish, you're going to want to prepare it with a meat tenderizer.

Commercial Fish Scalers

Save time prepping your seafood with our commercial appliances. We're from Canada, we love scaling fish!

Commercial Meat Marinators

With a commercial meat marinator, you can marinate your meat quickly and efficiently -- perfect for meat lovers!

Other Food Prep Equipment

Commercial Food Scales

Need to know how much food you've got? These portion scales can help you out in getting accurate readings.

Commercial Immersion Blenders

A handy little tool to blend things like whipped cream or chop soft produce.

Commercial Salad Spinners

These devices can help you dry your lettuce to speed up the process of making salads.

Shrink Wrap Machines

Do you like wrapping food to preserve its longevity? Us too! So try a commercial shrink wrap machine.

Potato & Garlic Peelers

Peel your potatoes or garlic with these commercial peelers.

Commercial Pasta Machines

Creating your own pasta can be a time-consuming process. But not as time-consuming when you've got a pasta machine.

Commercial Spice Grinders

Grind up some wet or dry spices to keep a fresh stock of spices in your commercial kitchen.

Commercial Cheese Graters

Mmmm, cheese. People love cheese. People also love grated cheese. So get an electric grater to save some time.