Commercial Salad Spinners

Salad spinners, also called salad tossers sometimes, are a simple yet useful tool that are suitable for use in both commercial and residential kitchens. As their name implies, these products are designed to spin lettuce leaves and other varieties around inside a solid base, the reason for this is two-fold: spinning cause the salad components to become mixed up with one another and to dry wet leaves by spinning any water droplets off. Dabbing leaves afterwards with a paper towel is a back-up if the final products isn't as dry as you would like.

It's best to wash greens plus other fruits and vegetables before prep work or eating them, using a spinner is a convenient way of getting the job done. Other compatible produce would collards, kale, and even herbs, berries, and larger vegetables like potatoes or carrots.

The centrifugal force is what causes drying and we have models operate manually as well as electronically. The manual models work by a handle on top which is hand-cranked, which rotates the spinner's inner casing to spin off water and moisture. The electronic models can spin over 1,500 pounds of product an hour. The latter option provides you with an easier, less physical, process but obviously, there is a massive price differentiation, so think about the scale and speed of your establishment's salad production first.

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