Commercial Cutting Boards

This collection is pretty well what you would expect: cutting boards. The differences between the options we carry are mostly up to personal preference, with a few sizes, flexible or stiff, and many colours. These are your medium-tier commercial cutting boards; they aren't too expensive, but they are durable and well-made. We keep these products in stock in Canada and ready to ship.

Our set of six flexible boards is a great economical option that doesn't take up much storage space and includes all the colours a commercial kitchen needs to properly separate food types and prevent cross-contamination. If you have a larger business that does a lot of slicing and dicing, we also have non-flexible ones in a few sizes that are much thicker and more suited to very heavy use. These are sold individually, so be sure to have enough different colours to fit your needs! A bakery may be all set with just one, but a restaurant that processes raw and cooked meats will be better suited to having more.
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