Commercial Dishwashing Accessories

A great restaurant has clean dishes. No exceptions. In order to achieve this standard, you need the right equipment. Our commercial dishwashing accessories category contains dishwashing racks and extenders, as well as scourers and glass brushes for cleaning dishes by hand to make sure you have all the bases covered.

Dishwashing racks have a surprising amount of depth. There are racks for general warewashing like plates, cups, and larger utensils; racks for washing flatware specifically; and racks for washing glasses specifically. Rack extenders help protect taller glasses from breaking during the dishwashing process.

Scourers are great for getting rid of stubborn stuck-on food, but make sure to be careful with them as they can scrape non-stick surfaces. Triple glass brushes make cleaning glasses more efficient as you can clean 3 glasses with the time and effort it takes to clean one.

We keep all these items in stock and ready to ship Canada wide! So please feel free to call us at 1-855-388-5999 or send us a message if you'd like to learn more.
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