Commercial Mop Sinks

Cleaning up mops and their dirty water can be a real hassle, especially in a commercial environment where mopping may be needed on a daily basis. Mop sinks like these are specifically designed to best accommodate mops and other cleaning supplies and to make the process more streamlined (and be easier on your back!)

Most mop sinks are floor-mounted to reduce the lifting of heavy, soggy mops and even heavier buckets of messy water. Their large size accommodates sizable mops and other cleaning supplies and also means higher splash-guard walls, to prevent excess spilling onto the floor. Most mop sinks are constructed from heavy-duty, built-to-last materials such as stainless steel.

And of course, mop sinks are exactly that - sinks, meaning they have a drain for all the yucky water to go down. It's not just the same as using a bucket to clean your mops. Adding a faucet to your mop sink is an additional step to even better assist in cleaning up. There are faucets specifically designed for use with mop sinks. Together, they're an excellent investment for serious cleaning and serious hygiene in the workplace.

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