Commercial Undercounter Freezers

Commercial undercounter freezers are found in many restaurants, bars, and other foodservice establishments across Canada that need to save a little bit of space. They are designed to fit under most counters which are 40” high. Take note of the external dimensions of the freezer, but also the location of the compressor. The dimensions will let you know whether the unit will fit into the space you have, but you also need to give at least 6" of breathing room for the compressor. This will allow proper air flow, and give your machine a longer life span.

The top of the undercounter freezer should not be used for food preparation. They have stainless steel tops, but they are not food-grade certified and raw food may contaminate the top of the freezer. You would need a worktop freezer if you were planning on preparing food on it.

If you want some help in picking out which undercounter freezer you want to buy, feel free to call us or email us.
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