Kilotech KWD 500 - Digital All Purpose Weighing Scale

  • CAD Regular price $455.00

Kilotech's KWD 500 is the ideal scale for measuring in dusty environments and environments with high humidity. It can resist both water, flour, and dust equivalent to IP66. The scale is portable, so you don't have to plug it in -- it has a 12 hour rechargeable battery.

With features such as TARE, units, and counting you can save time and let the scale do the work for you. There are four weighing modes: gram, kilogram, ounce, and pounds.

Please note this scale defaults to not being legal for trade, but you can select an option to have it be! If a scale isn't legal for trade, that means you can't use it to sell anything that has its cost calculated in accordance to its weight.

      • Ideal for humid and dusty environments
      • Portable scale with 12 hour rechargeable battery
      • TARE, units, and counting features
      • Four weighing modes: g, kg, oz, and lb
      • Removable stainless steel platter
      • With an optional inspection, this food scale can be legal for trade


 Model Graduation Capacity
KWD 500-05 0.002 lb./0.001kg/ 1g/ 0.05oz 5 lb
KWD 500-10 0.005 lb. /0.002kg/2g/0.1oz 10 lb
KWD 500-20 0.01lb. /0.005kg/5g/0.2oz 20 lb
KWD 500-50 0.02lb. /0.01kg/10g/0.5oz 50 lb


One year warranty.