Kilotech KPC 160 - Digital Portion Control Scale with Measuring Bowl and 11 lb Capacity

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The Kilotech KPC 160 is a digital portion control scale with a bowl for measuring ingredients that cannot be held on a platter -- so, it's great for any commercial or industrial food service operations. The bowl can also be removed from the scale if the user chooses. This scale can run on batteries or an ac adapter. Please note that this scale is not legal for trade.

      • Digital portion control scale
      • Removable bowl to help measure tricky items
      • Runs on batteries or an ac adapter 


Model KPC 160 
Item 851165
Dimensions w/ Bowl (WDH) 7" x 10" x 3" 
Graduation 1 g / 0.1 oz
Capacity 5000 g / 180 oz


Six month parts and labour warranty.