Food Service Thermometers

The thermometers we carry are meant for one of two things: to ensure an appliance is operating at the appropriate temperature, be it a refrigerator/freezer or a dishwasher; or to check the temperature of foods. All of these thermometers are Bios Professional or Taylor Precision. These brands are known for their quality and have been hand selected by our team of inhouse experts.

Most of the thermometers are pretty self explanatory. Oven thermometers are for ovens, fridge/freezer thermometers for fridges or freezers, meat thermometers for meat, etc. One type of thermometer that might need a bit of explanation is dishwasher thermometers and labels. As the name indicates, the dishwasher plate thermometer is meant to sit in a dishwasher much like a plate would and go through the cycle. At the end, the thermometer will inform you of the highest temperature reached. Stick-on adhesive thermometers are meant to be stuck to a dishwashing rack and go through a cycle. If they pass through the cycle and turn blue, it means the dishwasher reached the appropriate temperature.

Variance between candy thermometers mainly comes down to personal preference. What candy you're cooking and how you're cooking it may affect your choice, but ultimately they're capable of doing the same things.

We keep all of these items in stock and ready-to-ship Canada wide.
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