Restaurant Robot Servers

Efficiency and consistency are two of the main drivers in the world of foodservice. In order to stay competitive, one must always be on the cutting edge in this industry that's as old as time. Well, the future is finally here with AI robot servers for use in restaurants, cafeterias, care homes, and more.

The main functions of these helpers are greeting, hosting, and guiding customers, as well as serving and delivering meals. They can be set up quickly by a technician for your specific establishment, noting the placement of tables, chairs, perimeters, and other obstacles. And they're not strictly limited to restaurants, robot servers like these thrive in community or care homes too!

Features include touch screen technology, fixed position or patrol modes, optional display of marketing materials, and a long battery life. The OrionStar OS-R-DR01 can carry up to 4 trays with almost 90 pounds of weight. Birthday celebrations with music are a fun way to interact with kids, adults, and seniors alike.

Reduce pressure, stress, and labour costs. Deliver meals and remove plates (with some human assistance). Never get asked for a sick day or time off. Having the simplistic but labour-intensive task of moving food and drinks to and from the kitchen allows humans more time for preparing excellent meals and directly interacting with customers.

The future is bright with humans and robots working together. Let's get in contact and see how these robots can benefit your business.
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