Vollrath 47713 - 3/8" French Fry Potato Cutter

  • CAD Regular price $369.00

The Vollrath 47713 is a potato cutter with 3/8" slots for cutting potatoes into a French fry shape. The body is constructed of durable cast iron and nickel plating, and it has four legs that can be screwed into a table or wall.

If fries are a staple of your menu, this potato cutter should be a staple of your kitchen. The height opening of the cutter is 6.38 inches and fits a variety of different potato sizes. The lever is long and easy to press-down, which makes preparing any sized batch of fries a lot easier than doing it by hand.

      • Durable, cast iron construction
      • 3/8" fry width
      • 6.38" opening for potatoes
      • Manually operated with a lever


Model 47713
Brand Vollrath
Fry Size 3/8"
Opening for Potatoes 6.38"