Worktop Freezers

Worktop freezers are found often in delis, sandwich shops, or restaurants in Canada who want a workable countertop with some frozen space right below them. Unlike undercounter freezers, these products can be used as workstations. They have food-safe stainless steel tops and won’t take up the large footprint of a reach-in freezer.

One consideration you’ll want to think about before purchasing a worktop freezer is what kind of access do you want to have: drawers or doors or maybe both? For fresh food and smaller items, we would recommend drawers, which can be quickly pulled out and you’ve got your pans with your food right there. But if you’ve got boxes of food or food in jars, then we’d recommend going with a freezer that has doors. Or, if you want both drawers and doors, we’ve got a worktop freezer for you too!

One other consideration is the compressor location. Find out if the freezer you’re looking to buy has front breathing or side breathing. You’ll have to make sure it has enough space to breath.

Anyway, if you’re still feeling confused after all this, we’d love to talk. So give us a call or send us an email, and we can help you out!
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