Used Restaurant Equipment & Supplies

Ice Cream Machines

These are used soft serve ice cream machines mostly, but we also have some dipping cabinents and gelato cabinets.

Refrigerators & Freezers

Reach in refrigerators and freezers, solid door and glass door display cases, ice cream machines, prep tables, and more.

Cooking Equipment

Stoves, fryers both gas and electric, griddles. If it's used to cook, we've got it here and we've got it used.  


Used convection ovens, microwave ovens, bakery ovens. Any kind of oven you could need, we've got it used.

Food Prep Equipment

This collection includes our spiral and planetary mixers, blenders, meat slicers, food processors.

Food Holding & Warming

This section includes heated display cases, heat lamps, soup kettles, countertop food warmers, proofers, pizza warmers.

Ice Machines

Used ice machines, ice bins, ice and water dispensers, undercounter ice machines, and every other kind you could imagine.

Beverage Equipment

Used coffee makers, slush machines, beer dispensers, espresso machines, used juicers, etc.