Bios Professional DT155 - Digital Candy Thermometer

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The Bios Professional DT155 is a digital candy thermometer perfect for keeping temperature while making candy or deep-frying. Its operable temperature range is from -10° to 220° Celsius. It can clip onto the side of a pot or stand alone.

Cooking candy is infamously tricky. Depending on the sugars and other ingredients used, having a fluctuating temperature can throw-off a whole batch. Candy thermometers are used by experienced and novice confectioners for producing consistent results.

      • Made for candy-making or deep-frying
      • Range of -10° to 220° Celsius (14° to 428° Fahrenheit)
      • Water resistant 
      • Min/max memory
      • Audible alarm
      • Clips onto or leans against the side of a pot


Model DT155
Brand Bios Professional
Temperature Range -10° to 220° Celsius (14° to 428° Fahrenheit)