Bios Professional DT165 - Meat Thermometer with 3" Dial

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The Bios Professional DT165 is a dial thermometer meant for monitoring the temperature of cooked meat. It has a large, easy-to-read 3-inch dial and temperature readings in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. It's also good for monitoring oven temperature, and has a separate dial for doing so. The measuring of oven temperature does not interfere with the measuring of the meat's temperature. And if you'd like to just set the thermometer on the oven grate to use as an oven thermometer that's perfectly fine.

Thermometers come in a variety of types, but most of them can be broken up into two categories: analog and digital. Maintaining your oven's temperature while cooking is an important thing, and that's why people like to use analog thermometers for their meat. Simply place the thermometer in the meat and watch the temperature rise as it cooks. This will prevent you having to open the door, and in turn loose a couple degrees of heat every time you go to check the meat's temperature.  

      • Large 3-inch dial
      • 5" stem
      • Gives readings in Fahrenheit and Celsius
      • Has a separate dial for monitoring oven temperature


    Brand Bios Professional
    Model DT165
    Meat Temperature Range 120 - 212°F / 50 - 100°C
    Oven Temperature Range 
    100 - 600°F / 37 - 315°C