Bios Professional DT - Instant Read Thermometer with Spike Stem and 1" Dial

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The Bios Professional DT is a bi-metal thermometer with a spike stem meant for monitoring the temperature of cooked meat. By monitoring storage temperature, you can prevent undercooking. The term "instant read" means that you get a temperature reading that is virtually instant. As the thermometer is analog, it's going to take a few seconds for the dial to reach the temperature.

The DT has a 1 inch diameter dial mounted on a 5-inch-long stem. The casing and stem are stainless steel, and its welded construction ensures corrosion resistance. Last but not least, this thermometer has a ±1% of range accuracy.

There are two types of thermometers: analog and digital. Analog thermometers are typically good for giving you a read of food temperature without having to open the door and interrupt the cooking process. Digital thermometers can, however, give you a quicker read and are a little more accurate. 

      • Meant for monitoring the temperature of cooked meat
      • 1" diameter dial and 5" stem
      • Welded, stainless steel construction
      • ±1% of range accuracy
      • Comes in Celsius or Fahrenheit


    Brand Bios Professional
    Model DT170, DT154
    Temperature Range -10° to 100° Celsius, 0° to 220° Fahrenheit